We are a men’s only facility and offer a safe environment for recovering from addiction. We work through the steps of recovery as we help individuals to overcome addictive, compulsive and dysfunctional behaviours linked to drugs and or alcohol as well as gambling and any other co-morbid conditions.

A team of professional clinicians, including a Professor of clinical psychology, qualified addiction counsellors, social worker, and registered nursing sister design an individual treatment programme for every individual based on history and circumstance.

We are located on the R511 towards Hartbeespoort, situated on farm land in a nature reserve.

    Approx distances:
    • 40km from JHB
    • 33km from Pretoria
    • 25km from Centurion
    • 31km from Mid-Rand
    • 20km from Hartbeespoort

We offer a structured, holistic recovery programme.

Through cognitive realization we help giving residents the tools to achieve real recovery.


We offer a balanced programme focussing on the following:
    • Individual Therapy
    • Group Therapy
    • Life Skills Courses
    • Work Ethic
    • Spiritual Guidance
    • Counselling
    • Sports and Recreation
    • Guided Step Programme
    • Cognitive Therapy

monthly fees

R7000.00 p/m



All Meals

All therapy sessions inclusive of Psychologist

Treatment Programme

Addiction Counselling

Social Workers and Nursing Services


Resident testimony:

I started experimenting with drugs and alcohol at the age of 18 and over a short period of time I became dependant on these substances. I remained dependant on drugs and alcohol regardless of the devastation it was causing in my life and in the lives of those around me. I attended 7 institutions by the age of 43. None of them helped, the duration and nature of treatment was inefficient to help me overcome my addiction. I felt lost and hopeless, I was desperate for healing and booked myself into treatment at The Farm Rehabilitation Community. Unlike the previous institutions, the Clinicians offered sound advice and insight into my thought patterns and behaviour and helped me to develop self - awareness and a healthy self-esteem. The Farm offers courses that I had never been exposed to. I learned about my manipulative behaviour and how I was easily manipulated by others. I learned to set boundaries and respect the boundaries of others. Courses such as Internal and External Triggers taught me to safe guard my recovery. The Relapse Process Course equipped me with knowledge and insight to detect and prevent destructive thought patterns that would previously lead to substance abuse. I could comment on every course however I would fill this entire page. In summary, I just want to thank the entire staff compliment for helping me to overcome my destructive thought patterns and for the tools I have received to help me manage my addiction. I once felt powerless and hopeless over my addiction. The Clinicians have helped me regain power and hope to become the best version of myself. As a result of therapy, I chose to become an Addiction Counsellor and have found my passion and joy in serving others. - Sean Holder

Phone: Hendre 060 967 1047


The team

Programme Manager
Clinical Psychologist
Registered Nursing Sister
Social Worker
Addiction Counsellors
Consulting Physician
Consulting Psychiatrist available at additional special rates


Courses included in your programme:

Daily Spiritual Teachings The Farm Rehabilitation Community is a Christian Community founded on the teachings of Jesus Christ. The uncompromised Word of God is taught on a daily basis. PLEASE NOTE that we do not discriminate in any way or form against any other denominations and/or belief systems and we respect all other religions and will not force our teachings on anyone not so enclined.

12 Step Recovery Programme The 12-Step model provides people with a framework from which to surrender their addiction, process their experience, and move forward into new patterns. It has been designed to help drive behavioural change.

Alpha The Alpha Course is an evangelistic course which seeks to introduce the basics of the Christian faith through a series of talks and discussions. It is described by its organizers as "an opportunity to explore the meaning of life".

The Way to Happiness The Way to Happiness provides people with a sensible and practical guide to better living. The 21 guiding principles comprise a moral code, one attuned to a world desperately in need of a moral compass.

Life Skills Our Life Skills courses are aimed at helping our residents reintegrate successfully into society. These courses help our residents become aware of being an integral part of a functioning society that consists of family, friends and the workplace. Further, that they need to develop certain skills in order to re-acquaint themselves with the norms and expectations of society. Each module consists of a series of lectures followed by group assignments and presentations with an evaluation of the individual learner as a contributor to the group.

The following courses are presented by qualified Addiction Counsellors and Life Skills Coaches:

Manipulation Recognising manipulation. Understanding that this dysfunctional dynamic causes a significant amount of pain and confusion. How to recognise the fact that we instigate manipulation and how to identify manipulation in self.

Ego and self-awareness Recognizing the negative impact of self-gratification and seclusion from the functioning norms of social interaction. An exploration into the adaptation of healthy self-awareness that includes the recognition of the needs of those who form an integral part of our social environment.

Boundaries Understanding the concept of Functional and Relational Boundaries. How to establish and maintain boundaries in every aspect of life. Owning and managing a personal programme of control.

Attitude Reframing the thoughts and behaviours associated with negative attitudes into positive attitudes by choosing an appropriate response to internal and external factors in everyday life.

Anger Management and Conflict Resolution How to manage our response to anger and conflict in respect of anti-social and dysfunctional behaviour. How to avoid toxic responses to conflict and anger.

Guilt Participants are guided through the process of letting go of the past and burying the right to engage in self-condemnation. They are taught to see themselves as valuable human beings not being defined by past circumstances but choosing to be defined by the possibility of their future.

Forgiveness Realising that forgiveness is a choice. Understanding that forgiveness enables a person to release buried anger, resentment, bitterness and other toxic emotions that hide deep within the soul and make a person spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally ill.

Victim Mentality Exploring and reconstructing destructive beliefs that entrap an individual in dysfunctional behaviour.

Relapse Detection and Prevention

Understanding and Managing Internal and External Triggers Understanding the progressive stages of relapse and the individuals’ personal internal and external triggers related to addictive substances and behaviours.

Exit Strategy Recovery is a long-term process. An exit strategy is designed as a reintegration tool into the family unit, society and the workplace.

Relapse Autopsy We do complete relapse autopsies where applicable.